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Fuel Save Device

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Place of Origin: Spain
Quantity: 100 Unit
Packaging: Export Packing
Price: On FOB Basis.
Classification: Automobile - Automobiles
Product Descpription:


HYDRIDE SYSTEM fuel is a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen, in the atomic ratio of two is to one. HYDRIDE SYSTEM fuel is thought to increase the Generating Sets efficiency in which it is formed by the process of water electrolysis. It does not mean that the Generating Sets will run purely on HYDRIDE SYSTEM but rather it is the hybrid of HYDRIDE SYSTEM and petroleum based fuel which will provide sufficient energy for running the Genset. Hydride System is known to increase the efficiency of Engine by 40 to 50 percent and saving fuel 40 to 50%.

HYDRIDE SYSTEM burns faster.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM cools your engine temperature.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM works on Gas, Diesel or Bio Fuel engines.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM can clean your engine.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM increases your horsepower.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM causes your Engine to burn the gas it does use more efficiently.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM cuts your Engine need fuel & saving you money at the pump!.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM increases fuel mileage in Vehicle and reduces fuel consumption in Engine.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM lowers the use of fossil fuels for any IC engine.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM Reduces engine operating temperatures.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM Widens engines torque range.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM eliminates harmful carbon deposits caused by incomplete combustion inherent in gas fuel.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM Extends engine life with a cleaner combustion of fuel inside the engine.
HYDRIDE SYSTEM Smooth performance with reduced noise by integrating with MICROLON treatment DIESEL Engine SETS APPLICATION.

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